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Sign-O-Saurus Paper Printing

Paper Printing Everything your Business Needs

Sign-O-Saurus offers all types of paper printing solutions. From business cards, flyers, invoices, brochures, and full color posters…Sign-O-Saurus has you covered! Paper printing is a relatively inexpensive form of advertising that's equally useful to startups and established businesses alike. Custom business cards, brochures, flyers, and letterheads are a great way to unify your brand and project a more professional and established image to your customers.

If you require something that's not listed here, please get in touch with us. We specialize in custom jobs and can make pretty much anything you can imagine.

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Business Cards

Business Cards Advertising Essentials

Business cards are an absolutely essential aspect of brand development. They are a small and convenient way to spread your brand and get your contact information in the hands of potential customers. A sharp and eye-catching design will help your cards stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential customers. That's where professionally made cards with a unique design show their value.

At Sign-O-Saurus, we're a full service design agency. Our passion for good design shows in everything we do, including small items such as business cards. Our full color, glossy, UV coated, double-sided business cards are printed on quality durable card stock that won't fade or fray.

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Flyers (Rack Cards) The Next Step

At Sign-O-Saurus, we offer only the highest quality advertising products with a proven return on investment track records. If we wouldn't use it for our business, we won't recommend it for yours. Flyers are no exception. At Sign-O-Saurus, flyers (also known as rack cards) are printed on thick, high quality glossy card stock They are double sided and UV coated, featuring sharp, full color graphics that pop and catch the eye and keep the attention of potential customers.

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Brochures Showcase Your Business

If your business makes a lot of products that you would like to showcase, there are few better ways than a tri-fold brochure. A full-color full-gloss tri-fold brochure is an excellent way to provide detailed information about your business and/or products to prospective customers and convert potential into repeat business.

Our brochures are printed on high quality glossy stock. They are double sided and UV coated, featuring sharp text and full color graphics. Are you ready to get serious about advertising? Call Sign-O-Saurus today.

Custom Letterheads

Custom Letterheads Extend Your Brand

We live in the age of almost instantaneous electronic communication. With the popularity of things such as email, text messaging, Facebook, and Twitter, you'd be forgiven for thinking you won't need to send a letter to your customers. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Billing, promotional offers, follow ups, these are all things that require you to communicate with your customers by mail. Custom branded letters, envelopes, and invoices with your company's logo and contact information add that extra touch of professionalism that will set you apart form your competitors and generate quality repeat business.

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